Bio storage

Cryo Store’s facilities provides a choice of temperature ranges for sample storage:

  • -150°C Liquid Nitrogen
  • -80°C and -30°C Freezers
  • +4°C Refrigerators
  • Ambient


Our storage facilities ensure sound and safe storage of your samples. Apart from the obvious safety measures against burglary and fire, the temperatures of all storage locations, LN2 vessels, freezers and refrigerators, are continuously monitored through our validated network and equiped with a temperature alarm system. In addition, we have automatic LN2 filling, CO2-backup on the -80°C, an emergency power supply and plenty of dry ice in stock. Safety is guaranteed 24/7.


Our long term storage is 100% separated from our other storage facilities. That’s why our modern logistics warehouse contains special freezers for distribution. These also are under 24/7 surveillance. Temperatures are checked every minute.