Setting up a biobank involves a lot of work, a range of different activities and choices to be made. Just think about the working protocols for collection of the biological specimens, processing for long term storage, registration of sample specifications and programs for data sharing. An important aspect in setting up a biobank is safe and stable storage at the right temperature, the right environment, fully traceable, with all possible back-up systems to offer maximum security to your valuable specimens.

Cryo Store is THE SPECIALIST in storing biological materials, long-term as well as for distribution to your collaborators. Cryo Store started over 10 years ago with biobanking of samples for pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Cryo Store offers:

  • Safe storage of your samples at all required temperatures
  • Calibrated packaging solutions to ensure safe, temperature controlled shipping of your samples
  • Excellent logistical channels for efficient and quick pick up and/or delivery of your biological specimens and clinical samples

Conclusion: Cryo Store – trusted partner in Biobanking, Packaging and Logistics