Freezers and Fridges:

We have various freezers and fridges available, all compiant with the highest requirements.

Temperature registration

Temperature within each freezer, fridge or liquid nitrogen container is measured every 40 seconds. It’s all about keeping the right temperature. Therefore we only use the best available instrumentation. In our hands, the Yokogawa DX-112 in combination with PT100 sensors have proven to be very reliable and accurate.


All units are linked to our alarm systems, with technical and temperature alarms, both directly from the freezer and through the temperature recorders. Emergency power, CO2 back-up and enough dry ice ensure the safest storage of your samples.


Every product or sample that enters our warehouse gets a unique physical position as well as a unique number in our custom built database. If possible, the product also gets a unique barcode. Each moment, we know exactly where a product our sample is located, with full tracebility from entrance till delivery at the customer.