Cold chain solutions

Cryo Store can boast years of experience with Cold Chain Solutions; the entire process of Cooled Storage, Packaging and the Worldwide Logistics of temperature controlled goods. Our central location in The Netherlands, in the center of international logistics, enables us to be quick and safe in delivering your packages, to destinations anywhere in the world.
We comply to current safety regulations and quality standards, we monitor shipments from door to door and intervene when required. We apply our knowledge and experience in several markets wherein temperature control is a key factor, such as biotech/life sciences and food industries.

Biotech/Life Sciences Warehousing


delivering them on time, on temperature and against reasonable costs is often a challenge. Every delay at customs may endanger the quality of the packaged goods. And there are challenges with VAT-payments as well. All these issue can be circumvented by engaging Cryo Store as your European logistics warehouse. Delivery is speeded up significantly.

Cryo Store takes these worries out of your hands and mind.

  • We support VAT registration, reclaim and reporting.
  • We support the import of goods.
  • We facilitate temperature controlled warehousing and stock management.
  • We package (eg kit assembly) and re-package.
  • We process orders, package and transport of your goods.
  • We pick up and dispatch goods, we track and trace and report to you.


Food Sampling

An English saying teaches us that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. You’d prefer to taste a food sample before buying an entire box or crate. In international trade the same rule applies. A client will buy on the proof, of actually proofing a sample of an entire shipment.

So, how do you entice - say - Australian to buy a container of fresh food products? By offering him a proof of the pudding in advance.
Cryo Store makes sure your food samples arrive in Sydney in perfect condition, as fresh looking and tasting as it did the moment it was checked out from our distribution centre.

Cryo Store Packaging Development & Testing

CryoStore aims to continuously improve its products and services. For developing its temperature controlled packaging solutions, CryoStore has a Development & Testing unit to its disposal.   In order to test how a packaging solution withstands external circumstances, we can simulate all kinds of external circumstances during transport, from (extremely) hot to (extremely) cold.