Custom solutions

Designing a new package can be challenging. Cryo Store has the knowledge and experience to develop, qualify, validate and produce packaging solutions to keep your valuable products and samples at the required temperatures during transport. All of our packaging solutions have gone through extensive testing and validation, following international ISTA requirements in combination with customer demands.

With our own programmable test-chamber with accuracy to 0,1°C, we are able to fully characterise the performance of new packaging over a wide range of temperatures, replicating the conditions your package and product may be exposed to during shipping. Customers are provided with a complete test description and test report showing package performance.

Test facilities

Do you want to know if your product-packaging combination can stand 3 hours, or 30 hours at +50 °C? Or do you want to know what happens with your package when stored at -20 °C? Cryo Store can perform those tests for you, following predefined protocols and circumstances. Packaging manufacturers extensively test their packaging designs using our expertise and test facilities.

Specialty packaging

In our range of packaging products, we also offer solutions for goods with specific classification requirements. We have developed special packaging to ship Biological specimens/clinical samples under class UN3372 which comply with the ADR/ICAO/IATA P650 packaging requirements.

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