Cryo Store offers various packaging solutions consisting of basic materials as EPS, TCP, Biofoam® and carton to provide the best option for your specific needs in temperature requirements during different transport times and costs.

EPS TCP BioFoam®
EPS: Expandable PolyStyrene (EPS) boxes are well known and often used in shipping temperature controlled goods. EPS offers many advantages.Read here… TCP: Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP) is an innovative packaging solution with superior features compared to EPS and Biofoam®.Read here… BioFoam® is a fully biologically degradable EPS packaging solution. BioFoam® is innovative and green, while quality and ease of use of EPS is maintained.Read here…


EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene, boxes are well known and often used in shipping temperature controlled goods. EPS offers excellent isolation properties and has a low weight. We have a range of different size production moulds available to give you a wide selection of box sizes. EPS can be recycled easily and we can take care of collection of your used boxes.

We have a wide selection of  EPS boxes available: various types and sizes, quick delivery and competatively priced. Matching carton outerboxes are available, with your company logo printed as an option.
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Advantages of EPS packaging:

  • Low weight
  • Competitive pricing
  • Deliverable per box
  • Quick delivery
  • 100% recycleble
  • Hygiënic
  • Proven and accepted in the market
  • Transport- and shock absorbant
  • Durable
  • UN3373 compliant configuration


TCP (Temperature Controlled Packaging) is a unique, innovative product with superior features compared to EPS and Biofoam® and an excellent alternative packaging solution.

TCP is made of a special type of inert mineral felt, encapsulated in a small amount of stable oriented polyester film lining, and recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes. TCP has superior qualities:

Save on storage space

TCP packaging arrives flat and can be stored flat until ready to use, thus saves valuable storage space. In just a few steps, your box is set up and ready to ship.

Custom design

Because no production moulds are needed, we are able to design and develop a box that matches your application, even for one box. TCP packaging is also available in various standard sizes, from as small as 10 x 10 x 10 cm till palletsize. Our TCP palletshipper is already used a lot for bulkshipments to Asia and the US and very price competitive.

TCP packaging is the ultimate solution when several products or components should be shipped at different temperatures in one box, which offers great reductions in shipping costs.

Superior insulation

TCP packaging offers superior insulation properties, which reduces product loss, extends shipping time, and allows for less coolant to be used. TCP can be made in different wall thicknesses, from 2-7cm depending on your own individual requirements. Overnight shipments within Europe require less insulation, enabling smaller boxes to be used and conferring significant savings in shipping charges.

Robust packaging

TCP is a strong semi-rigid liner that will not crack or split if dropped. Due to this shock absorbing characteristic, your products are better protected.

TCP packaging is produced on a mineral basis, is environmentally friendly and a sustainable shipping solution.

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Advantages of TCP packaging:

  • Compact, flat storage
  • Custom sizes
  • Superior insulation
  • Transport- and shockabsorbant
  • Available per box in each unique size
  • Competitively priced
  • Light weight
  • Environmentally friendly


BioFoam® is our newest product and latest innovation in packaging material. BioFoam® is fully biologically degradable with similar insulation properties and ease of use as EPS. BioFoam® is   cradle-to-cradle (C2C) certified and can be disposed as normal waste.

BioFoam® has been awarded with various national and international innovation awards. Cryo Store works closely with the manufacturer to further develop and optimize the use of BioFoam® as suitable packaging solution for temperature controlled shipping of biological materials. For saving the environment and a green image for your company, BioFoam® is the packaging solution for you.

Advantages of BioFoam® packaging:

  • Fully biologically degradable (C2C)
  • Deliverable per box
  • Quick delivery
  • Hygiënic
  • Transport- and shock absorbant
  • Low weight
  • Durable
  • UN3373 compliant configuration