Data loggers

logger-edl-4s-blauw-bgCryo Store is official dealer for Marathon products. Marathon products cover a wide range of compact and easy to use registration and monitor systems. They track temperatures (-196°C tot 400°C), air humidity (0 -100%), CO2 (up to 30%), vibrations and 3D acceleration

We supply recorders which only monitor temperature as well as those which measure both temperature and air humidity. Recorders such as the new EDL 4S measure all mentioned variables.

Temperature controlled packaging

Cryo Store developed its own temperature controlled packaging series. Pre-qualified Kelvinboxes are available for different temperatures and durations. In size Kelvinboxes are available in a range from 2 to 500 liters.


Quality goes hand in hand with being environment conscious. Cry Store delivers energy efficient -80°C freezers which are silent as well as low on energy usage.
Cryo Store supplies all that is required to store (temperature controlled) products, such as racks, boxes and dividers.


Cool and freeze packs

In order to stabilize temperatures for storage and logistics we supply several types of gel packs, cool elements and eutectic plates till 1/GN. The products we can offer you depend on your requirements and their availability.

Cryo Store Packaging Development & Testing

CryoStore aims to continuously improve its products and services. For developing its temperature controlled packaging solutions CryoStore has a Development & Testing unit to its disposal, which is frequently calibrated, with an accuracy up to 0,1 degrees Celsius. Inside this calibrated space we can simulate all kinds of external circumstances, in order to test how a packaging solution withstands external circumstances on its way between sender and addressee. These circumstances can be (extremely) hot or (extremely) cold. And anything between the extremes.