Privacy policy

1.     Cryo Store B.V. complies with all laws and regulations that are of importance in the context of privacy protection, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp).

2. Cryo Store B.V. processes personal data, described in the Wbp as “data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data refers to the identity of the person to whom the information relates, whether it is a private person or as an organization affiliated with an organization.

Examples of personal data processed by Cryo Store B.V. are your name, phone number and e-mail address, as well as the password that you use to log into the Cryo Store Webshop.

3. Cryo Store B.V. respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide us is always treated confidentially. We use your information only for services that you have requested.

We will not make your personal information available to third parties without your permission. We appreciate the trust you put in us and will do everything possible to protect your personal information. The personal information is used solely for the services you entrust to us. By sending us an email you can delete your data.

4. Cryo Store B.V. uses cookies and other technologies to enhance your online convenience and to monitor how the site is used, so that we can improve the quality of our services based on it. When visiting our website or using some of our products, servers automatically save information such as URL, IP address, browser type and language, and date and time of your visit.If you want to disable cookies, you can do this through your browser. More detailed information about managing cookies with specific web browsers can be found on web browsers.