Management of Change

Start date

Responsible person for the change?

Description of the (potential) change.

Describe the impact of the (potential) change: - change in organisations (reorganisation) - Renewal of products and services - New process within the organisation - Wijzigingen in middelen en systemen (nieuw); - Wijzigingen in wet en regelgeving - Overig, ….

Content analysis of the (potential ) change: Reason and motivation why the change should be implemented

Risk analysis of the (potential) change: What is the impact of the change for the organisation, what risks are involved. It concerns risks around quality, environment and IT-security. Should the risks be included in the Risk analysis and should the existing risks be re-analysed (determination of significance)? Which control measures and/or goals should be implemented by the organisation?

Cost-benefit analysis of the (potential) change: What are the financial consequences (estimate) of the change for the organisation? Positive as well as negative?

Responsible person for completion: Who is responsible for completion of the change?

If other, please specify:

Control measures or plan of approach? Zijn beheersmaatregelen voldoende of is een plan van aanpak noodzakelijk.

Project team for the (potential) change: Has a project team be established? Who is part of the project team?

Which control measures need to be taken to implement the change?

Must there be a validation of the change, how is this handled and reported?

How does one ensure that the change is well implemented in the organization?

In there a plan of approach?

Decision elaboration (potential) change to plan of action


Decision made by:

Date of decision:


Date evaluation

Status evaluation/effectivity

Date completion