Cryo Store B.V. Odoo Version 11.0+e

Information about the Cryo Store B.V. instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Advance Website Product Attachments
Advance Website Product Attachments
Website Show Price After Login
Mark website products as Exclusive for members only
Leads, Opportunities, Activities
Projects, Tasks
Inventory Management
Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing
Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials, Routings
Sales Management
Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
Review and approve employees time reports
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Leave Management
Leave allocations and leave requests
Invoicing Management
Send Invoices and Track Payments
Accounting and Finance
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Quality Control
Quality Alerts and Control Points
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Sell Your Products Online
Ticketing, Support, Issues
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Attachment In Delivery Order
Display attachments from sale order in delivery order report
Create your custom dashboard
Contacts Directory
Customers, Vendors, Partners,...
Cryostore Container Product
Cryogen CRM Fields
Cryogen CRM Fields
Cryostore Web Extend
Cryostore Stock Movement
Cryostore stock movement process
Export Barcode Xlsx
Generate Xlsx
Knowledge Management System
Mail Extend
Lost Messages Routing
The tool to make sure you do not loose any incoming messages
Mass Produce MRP
Mass Produce MRP
Management System
Quality Management System
Import Script Fields
Reconcile By Saleorder
Reconcile By Saleorder
RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) in Odoo
Manage Return Merchandize Authorization ( RMA ) in Odoo. Allow users to manage Return Orders, Replacement, Refund & Repair in Odoo.
Subscription Management
Recurring invoicing, renewals
Payment Method Restriction
Restrict Payment Acquirers, Fix Payment Methods, Website Payment Acquirer App, Safe Payment Options Module, Control Payment Method, Choose Payment Method Odoo
Stock Inventory and Send Goods Report
Stock Inventory Report
Stock Inventory Valuation Report On Particular Date
Past Date Stock With Valuation Report in XLS/PDF
Website Webkul Addons
Website Webkul Addons allows Odoo users to manage all Webkul’s Odoo website Related modules from single page.
Easily create and customize your applications
Create surveys, collect answers and print statistics
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Equipments, Assets, Internal Hardware, Allocation Tracking
Personal & Shared Calendar
News, Blogs, Announces, Discussions
Share and Publish Videos, Presentations and Documents